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> > ok... next question: why does the standard say so?
> >
> > it seems odd that instead of being able to specify:
> > 	this is how i verified the key
> > one has to, instead, specify:
> > 	X at Y=this is how i verified the key
> Because you want to say "this is how I verified the key".  Someone
> else wants to say "this key belongs to me".  Someone else wants to
> embed unprintable binary data.  Someone else wants to give his phone
> number.
> Thus, a key=value pair.  Notations are a general purpose extension
> mechanism.  They are not a policy URL alternative.

i still don't get it...

is there a formal way that things are supposed to be done within notation
data? what are some examples of proper uses (and improper abuses) of
notation data? is it meant to someday replace other packets?


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