gpg: can't put a policy URL into v3 (PGP 2.x style) signature

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Sat Apr 10 20:33:04 CEST 2004

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> > > PGP compatibility.  No version of PGP before 8 can reliably handle v4
> > > signatures.
> > =======================
> >
> > then this looks like a typo in the man page...
> >
> > 	--force-v3-sigs
> > 	--no-force-v3-sigs
> > 		OpenPGP states that an implementation should generate v4 sig-
> > 		natures but PGP versions 5 through 7 only recognize v4 signa-
> > 		tures on key material.  This option forces v3 signatures  for
> > 		signatures  on  data.  Note that this option overrides --ask-
> > 		sig-expire, as v3 signatures cannot  have  expiration  dates.
> > 		--no-force-v3-sigs disables this option.
> Where is the typo?

logic dictates that these statements can not both be correct:

* "No version of PGP before 8 can reliably handle v4 signatures."
	-- dshaw

* "PGP versions 5 through 7 only recognize v4 signatures on key material."
	-- gpg (1.2.4) man page

assuming that you [dave] are correct, then the man page must be wrong.

> > also, this seems like a deviation from the usual behavior, that if there's
> > a "--force-xyz" and a "--no-force-xyz", the "--no-force-xyz" is usually
> > the default, unless otherwise specified.
> The default is just the one that is most appropriate.  There is no
> standard behavior to have the "no" value be the default.  Note
> "--escape-from", "--mangle-dos-filenames", and "--ask-cert-level" are
> also default-to-yes.

that seems like a slight (very slight!) deviation from the RFC (5.2):
	Implementations SHOULD generate V4 signatures.  Implementations
	MAY generate a V3 signature that can be verified by PGP 2.6.x.

obviously not a catastrophic deviation, but i didn't see it mentioned
anywhere... not even doc/gnupg/OpenPGP.

i would think that the same thing could be accomplished in a more
RFC-compliant (and easier to figure out) way by making the default
behavior to use v4 signatures, but including "force-v3-sigs" in the
default config file. (IMHO) that would keep the application closer to the
RFC ideal, but in practice it would still be compatible with older
versions of PGP(tm).

if there are only a few yes/no options that default "yes", then i'd like
to request that the man page specify that those options (that you list
above) default to "yes", while all of the other yes/no options default to
"no". or... each yes/no option should explicitly state (in the man page)
what it defaults to, and if it's overridden in the default config file.
the default config file would also be a good place to explain why a
default would be overridden, as with the case of why v3 signatures are


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