openPGP vs x509

Anonymous Sender anonymous at
Wed Apr 14 08:18:55 CEST 2004

Werner Koch:
> TLS provides such a mechanism but sane users don't hand their money
> over to Verisign for a user certificate.  I don't know whether
> browsers support this at all.

'curl' and 'libcurl' do support TLS client authentication:
$ curl --help|grep cert
 -E/--cert <cert[:passwd]> Specifies your certificate
                           file and password (HTTPS)
    --cert-type <type> Specifies certificate file type (DER/PEM/ENG) (HTTPS)
    --cacert <file> CA certifciate to verify peer against (SSL)
 -k/--insecure      Allow curl to connect to SSL sites without certs (H)

Stunnel, which also supports client authentication, can be used 
with browsers that do not support it natively...

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