pgp/mime vs in-line pgp

Per Tunedal Casual pt at
Wed Apr 14 08:32:05 CEST 2004

At 21:52 2004-04-13, you wrote:
 >it would be nice to sign/encrypt attachments all at once, but i can always
 >sign/encrypt them individually, before attaching them.
 > 	...atom

You can set GPGrelay to sign/encrypt the attachments inlined, but it is 
only recommended if the receiver cannot handle PGP-MIME.

PGP-MIME is far better but unfortunately PGP-MIME signed mail is not 
transparent to non-pgp users. They will be confused by the empty mail with 
the two strange attachments (though readable in a texteditor). Thus I 
cannot use PGP-MIME widely.

(S/MIME has an advantage as such signatures doesn't confuse users: the mail 
appears as usual in e.g. Outlook Express, only a fancy attachment is added.)

Per Tunedal

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