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Wed Apr 14 17:23:10 CEST 2004

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Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> It's not even that simple.  I'm on both this list (obviously) and
> the GnuCash lists.  What surprises me is that both use Mailman
> v2.1.4, I sign my messages the same way on both lists and yet my
> messages to the GnuCash list don't seem to be verified in an
> acceptable way (to Mutt).  The _signed_ part of the message is
> verified OK, it is just that the signed message plus footer returns
> a failed check.  Where as on this list everything works fine!

Perhaps you could give mutt 1.5.6 a try?  There was a change since
1.5.4 in the output when verifying signatures with a multipart/mixed

I don't know why you get different results from two different lists
running the same version of Mailman without comparing the headers and
mime-parts from the two lists.

If mutt 1.5.6 doesn't change the results, I'll be more curious about
it.  I'd like to see mutt work as well as possibly in these case as
I'm on a lot of mailman lists as well.

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