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Wed Apr 14 20:31:10 CEST 2004

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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> * Atom 'Smasher' <atom-gpg at> [040414 18:04]:
> > i'd like to switch to a free (as in speech) MUA for ideological reasons.
> > and of course, everyone knows that mutt is ~better~.
> *Grin*  Mutt is better - before you even look at the freedom issue,
> but that is a side issue.

i knew ~someone~ here would agree with me  ;)

> > i've tried mutt several times, and i'm willing to learn a new interface,
> > but it just can't do what i need. i've asked in the mutt mailing list &
> > usenet, but i'm told the problem (with colors) is in ncurses/slang, not
> > mutt. either way, mutt can't do what i need, and in the meantime pine can,
> > and for me the color support is necessary.
> >
> > i keep checking back with mutt every few years, and when they get the
> > color support as good as pine has, i'm confident that i can either
> > configure everything else the way i need it or write my own hooks.
> Do you want to take this off-list for a while to see if I can make any
> suggestions to help your transition?

i know there are plenty of people here who use/advocate mutt, and probably
some hard-core power users... why not see if anyone can help me migrate to
a ~better~ MUA than pine... here's what i'm running into...

since this is veering off topic, feel free to send replies off list.



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