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On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Len Sassaman wrote:

> Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Pine is under a "non-free" license, and
> the Pine authors have repeatedly rejected such patches.

One could argue that large parts of this thread have been off topic for
this list, however I'm firmly of the opinion that the type of political
rhetoric about licenses that you've stated here is definitely off topic,
and personally I'd appreciate it if it was just skipped altogether.

> They have no interest in OpenPGP support, period.

I'm not sure this is accurate either, or at least I think you're being
too specific by mentioning OpenPGP. It would be safer to say that PGP
integration in general has not been a goal for the Pine development
team, and that it's handled fairly well by a variety of third party

In regards to the MIME issue, Pine doesn't give the user the ability to
manipulate attachments at all, so you can't create PGP MIME messages.
(You can of course attach files to e-mail, you just can't script the
attachment process like you can other things, like message creation.)
It's not specifically a PGP issue. I do have a filter for Pine that will
allow you to verify properly formatted PGP MIME messages in Pine though.

As for the "mutt is better, so you should use it" argument, I think that
"better" is a very relative term, and that MUA choices in general are a
topic of great emotion. :)  The one perspective that I don't have any
sympathy for though is that of, "Well, those people who use $MUA are
losers, so you shouldn't care if you can't communicate with them
securely." Some of us actually NEED to be able to communicate with those
people, have absolutely no chance of convincing them to change, and
therefore need to find valid solutions. If you are not in that group,
lucky you, but telling those of us who are that our concerns are
pointless isn't really useful.

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