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Wed Apr 14 21:04:33 CEST 2004

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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> * Atom 'Smasher' <atom-gpg at> [040414 19:25]:
> > i consider it a security feature that all any non-signed
> > text is suppressed.
> Each to their own...  I'm going to let others smack you about for this
> position.

i would be interested in hearing reasons to include footers in the
display... maybe if someone can "show me the light" i'll update the

> > and i don't know of ANY list where all of the messages
> > are signed, so a user would still be able to see such information from
> > other users' posts... and... if anything that important is happening on
> > the list, then it probably warrants a message, rather than a footer.
> You're missing the point.  Say I included the WHOLE of your signed
> message and then made some important comments below it - you'd miss
> them.

would you include an extra line above what you're quoting? or append '> '
to each line that's being quoted? that would keep everything behaving

nonetheless, i *will* count that as the first argument towards changing
the behavior of ez-pine-gpg... which AFAIK would then be the only gpg
filter for pine that behaves that way that.

> > > I would like someone (*Hint*) to use the '-- ' standard for their
> > > "advertising", oops, sorry, signature.  Try Googling on
> > > sig.etiquette...  :)
> > ============================
> >
> > what RFC is that?  ;p
> A quick google turned up this...
>   RFC 2646 ("The Text/Plain Format Parameter") references the "-- "
>   signature separator (with the space) as being a Usenet convention:
>   "There is a convention in Usenet news of using '-- ' as the separator
>      line between the body and the signature of a message."

seriously though, the reason that i don't use that convention is because i
send signed mail to lists and people who don't use pgp/gpg... and i don't
want my email to be formatted differently depending on whether or not it
is signed... so, to the extent that i can, i avoid using lines that start
with a dash.

> P.S.  You just included that bloody long quote to get on my nerves!!!

it wasn't me! it's the computer! i'll yell at it, for you ;)

here's a short one...


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