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Wed Apr 14 20:43:44 CEST 2004

G'day Atom,

* Atom 'Smasher' <atom-gpg at> [040414 19:25]:
> well, if that text is included then how would a recipient tell that it
> ISN'T signed?

I've put a (temporary) screenshot up showing how mutt handles this
with your last message:
The '[-- END PGP SIGNED MESSAGE --]' is a dead give away!  :-)

> i consider it a security feature that all any non-signed
> text is suppressed.

Each to their own...  I'm going to let others smack you about for this

> and i don't know of ANY list where all of the messages
> are signed, so a user would still be able to see such information from
> other users' posts... and... if anything that important is happening on
> the list, then it probably warrants a message, rather than a footer.

You're missing the point.  Say I included the WHOLE of your signed
message and then made some important comments below it - you'd miss
> > I would like someone (*Hint*) to use the '-- ' standard for their
> > "advertising", oops, sorry, signature.  Try Googling on
> > sig.etiquette...  :)
> ============================
> what RFC is that?  ;p

A quick google turned up this...

  RFC 2646 ("The Text/Plain Format Parameter") references the "-- "
  signature separator (with the space) as being a Usenet convention:

  "There is a convention in Usenet news of using '-- ' as the separator
     line between the body and the signature of a message."

It's not exactly for email, but.........

As a side issue it is just nicer for people to be able to set up their
editor to strip the .sig automatically.



P.S.  You just included that bloody long quote to get on my nerves!!!
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