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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> * Atom 'Smasher' <atom-gpg at> [040414 18:09]:
> > inline signatures don't ~break~ list footers, but since the footers exist
> > outside of the pgp headers, they tend to not be displayed after the
> > message is piped through gpg. at least that's the way pine handles it with
> > ez-pine-gpg and the other gpg filters i've tried.
> That is a _seriously_ broken tool that you're using.  How are you to
> know whether something important (but not signed) is included after a
> signed message?  What if someone (who doesn't use GPG) forwarded a
> signed message to you and then made comments after the included
> message?  Ugh!  I'd try to get your system fixed and use mutt, or some
> other working MUA...

well, if that text is included then how would a recipient tell that it
ISN'T signed? i consider it a security feature that all any non-signed
text is suppressed. and i don't know of ANY list where all of the messages
are signed, so a user would still be able to see such information from
other users' posts... and... if anything that important is happening on
the list, then it probably warrants a message, rather than a footer.

footers below the pgp headers can still be viewed (in pine) using the
[H]eader command, set up to display the raw message.

> > i consider this a good thing, at least for lists where adverts are added
> > to the bottom of every email  ;)
> I would like someone (*Hint*) to use the '-- ' standard for their
> "advertising", oops, sorry, signature.  Try Googling on
> sig.etiquette...  :)

what RFC is that?  ;p


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