can you deny you sent a signed e-mail?

Stewart V. Wright svwright+lists at
Tue Apr 27 19:54:49 CEST 2004

G'day Jerry,

* Jerry Windrel <jerry.windrel at> [040427 18:44]:
> That's actually a crucial question that needs to be resolved in order for
> digital signatures to be more widely adopted.  If anyone can just revoke
> their key and claim a hacker break-in, then what good does it do to generate
> signatures to begin with?

Really?  How does this differ from a regular (handwritten) signature?

Handwriting experts can be fooled, so even in the situation where you
get an "expert" opinion (i.e. court) a signature is only as
trustworthy as the participants define it.

At least with a digital signature you can revoke it and (providing
your correspondents update your key regularly) the potential for
fraudulently signatures is time limited.

I'd love to be corrected by someone who knows more about this than me


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