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> Is there a way to use the IDEA algorithm with GnuPG - if
> so how ? [wish to be fully compatible with PGP users ]

unless it's an ancient version of PGP(tm) it should auto-magically handle
other algorithms. from the OpenPGP spec:
   Implementations MUST implement Triple-DES. Implementations SHOULD
   implement IDEA and CAST5. Implementations MAY implement any other

IDEA is the *only* symmetric algorithm mentioned in the spec that gpg
doesn't handle "out of the box." you can use: 3DES (168), CAST5 (128),
blowfish (128), AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, twofish (256).

> 7/
> Any free English language Dictionaries for English
> meanings / spelling / pronunciation etc. ? (not spell
> checker - I have Aspell already)


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