first time gpg automation with perl

Stuart A Yeates stuart.yeates at
Thu Apr 29 09:25:26 CEST 2004

carrie wrote:

> everything works as you would expect except --list-keys and  the other gpg 
> action commands. But I know that I have the priviliges to run these commands 
> because I can run them from my ssh connection. and the script reported that 
> the directory and user (carrie) are the same as they would be from the ssh 
> shell. So why willt it let me execute some commands in gpg but not others?
> is there a security setting ? 
> maybe something that stops script access?
> any other ideas?

I'm guessing that some of the environmental variables are different. The 
man page lists $HOME, $GNUPGHOME and $GPG_AGENT_INFO as variables the 
gpg uses. Maybe you could check that these are set as you expect?


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