first time gpg automation with perl

Neil Williams linux at
Thu Apr 29 23:32:25 CEST 2004

On Thursday 29 April 2004 1:02, carrie wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using shared hosting with an ISP.  gpg 1.06 is installed.
> I have got a ssh login and have used gpg via that in my area of the server
> and it works exactly as expected.
> but I am prototyping the script to use in an environment where the only
> access I have to the command line is via backticks from perl.

Yuk. There are Perl modules available from CPAN that will interface with GnuPG 
on your behalf in a reliable and tested manner. I've used GnuPG::Interface 
and it allows complete gpg key management and use. (You'd be advised to think 
carefully about allowing secret keys on remote machines before considering 
signing / decrypting!)

Take a look at CPAN, there are other modules out there and they can all be 
installed in 'user space' even if your webhost doesn't like to install them. 
That's unlikely because if they've taken the time to install gpg as a 
package, they may already have installed a Perl module to use gpg. Check your 
webhost config, look for a perldiver.cgi script and try to find out which 
modules are already installed. Full examples are on CPAN.


Neil Williams
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