an we delete (our own) posts sent here earlier ?

Neil Williams linux at
Fri Apr 30 00:31:46 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 5:15, Denis Green wrote:
> Hi folks :
> One more question that I did not add to my earlier mail...
> 1/
> How do I delete a post that I sent to this list (if need
> be ?)

You can't. By the time you receive it back it's been sent to everyone else and 
has already been archived with all the others. I'm certainly not going to 
allow you to delete email that has already arrived in my inbox!

> 2/
> for e.g. I've mentioned the full e mail address for my key
> - autoresponder in the last post. I'd like to modify it as
> usual.. talking away the @ and replacing it with the _at_
> etc..
> Can I do that ? If so how ?

Too late. You might be able to sweet-talk to webmaster for some archives but 
techniques like that are not spammer-proof (which is presumably your concern) 
because newsgroup users have been doing this for some time and it's easy to 
write a script that will re-form the original email address. However, whether 
the gnupg archives are actually a target for spammers trawling for email 
addresses is open to doubt. 

Besides, the archive already declares your verified email address in this 
format: Neil Williams linux at - whether you quote your email 
address in your message or not.

That message was only sent 12 minutes before this one and it's already in the 
public archive for the entire internet to read.


Neil Williams
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