kmail and gpgme

Stephan Menzel stephan42 at
Mon Aug 2 17:37:57 CEST 2004

G'day list,

as I was adviced in de.comp.os.unix.apps.kde I would like to bother you with a 
question regarding kmail and gpgme. To keep a long and boring story short, I 
can't get it to work. All I get is a message telling me:

"Bibliotheksdatei des Moduls /usr/lib/ konnte nicht geladen
(code: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: initialize)"

Well, sorry it's in german. It means like couldn't load shared object 

I tried to get that to work for a very long time now, every now and again 
trying it whenever new versions of gnupg or kde came out but whatever I do, 
it always shows this message in a msg box when I start kmail. When I try to 
display an PGP/MIME signed or encrypted mail, it says in the header 'No 
suitable plugin found,  /usr/lib/ was not initialized'

I tried several tutorials, including one I found in the archive of that list 
and that one at
My system is Fedora Core 2 on a duron if that matters. KDE is 3.2.3 stable 
from rpm but I've had the problem for a long time and several kde versions 
now starting with RedHat9. The rest of the system should be pretty ordinary 
but I vaguely remember havin experimented with that stuff for a long time now 
so it might be possible that some relics are interfering in some way. 
However, I double checked everything I know about that and I don't really 
think so since I did also run ldd on gpgme and followed all the links and 
found nothing suspicious.

I tried to install all versions of gnupg, the agent, libgcrypt, gpgme and 
libassuan I could find. From tarball, rpm, src.rpm, all sorts of experiments 
but I didn't succeed yet and before I eventually give up once more to try it 
again in a couple of month I would appreciate any suggestions from you guys.
BTW, gnupg inline works fine.


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