GPG equivalent of PGP's --group option?

Kerry Walker Kerry_Walker at
Wed Aug 4 19:45:05 CEST 2004

I use PGP to encrypt data for sending to various end users by encrypting
files using their public key they have provided.  To make it possible for
me to associate their key with a meaningful user_id ,  I use the PGP
--group-add option to create a group name containing a meaninful user_id
and then add their public key to the group.  Now, I can call --encrypt with
the meaningful user_id, instad of having to use the actual key id.  I'm
looking for a similar "alias" functionality in GPG but I can't find
anything that works quite like that.  The adduid command requires that I
have the private key also that goes with the public key I want to associate
with a meaningful user_id.

Does anyone know of a solution that is part of the GPG functionality?

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