GPG equivalent of PGP's --group option?

Todd Freedom_Lover at
Wed Aug 4 20:04:46 CEST 2004

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Kerry Walker wrote:
> Does anyone know of a solution that is part of the GPG
> functionality?

man gpg has this:

- --group name=value1 [value2 value3 ...]

    Sets  up  a named group, which is similar to aliases in email
    programs.  Any time the group name  is  a  recipient  (-r  or
    --recipient),  it  will  be expanded to the values specified.
    Multiple groups with the same name are  automatically  merged
    into a single group.
    The  values are key IDs or fingerprints, but any key descrip-
    tion is accepted.  Note that a value with spaces in  it  will
    be  treated as two different values.  Note also there is only
    one level of expansion - you cannot make an group that points
    to another group.  When used from the command line, it may be
    necessary to quote the argument to this option to prevent the
    shell from treating it as multiple arguments.

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