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Wed Dec 15 16:03:48 CET 2004

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Hi again !

I think at the moment there is no really nice frontend for GnuPG in
Windows, which IMHO really is a problem.

I was thinking along these lines:

If GPA is progressing nicely it will become the key manager of choice,
although it looks a bit weird on windows.
So all the keyring manipulations can be done with GPA.

All the windows frontend would need to do is:

Provide tray icon with decrypt+verify/encrypt/sign for clipboard and
current window.
Provide explorer integration for Right-Click | GnuPG |
decrypt+verify/encrypt/sign for files.
Maybe some keyboard shortcuts for these.

These are things which are very windows specific, so they will most likely
not find a coder in the linux world.

I do not speak C, so I cant help per se but:

I have done some work with P.Gutmanns Cryptlib, for which an API interface
for Visual basic was derived from the c header file of cryptlib.
So if someone here could help in compiling GPG-ME into a .dll and maybe the
author of the API for cryptlib or someone else creates an interface it
should be possible to do all these things in VB.
I am doing some work in Visual Basic and would like to give that a go. (I
do not promise anything !)

If this is a stupid/impossible idea let me know,

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