Windows Client

Timo Schulz twoaday at
Thu Dec 16 17:43:45 CET 2004

On Thu Dec 16 2004; 16:25, Johan Wevers wrote:

> Can we download the complete source from this version? I remember from

I will update the site tomorrow.

> previous versions that the available source lay behind several versions.
> The latest source I find on is 0.9.2, while WinPT 1.0rc2

0.9.11 should be available on the site I mentioned. And tomorrow I will
upload 0.9.14.

> This makes WinPT a "somewhat open source" product to me. Better than closed
> source, but improvement is certainly possible.

In the past I got practically never requests to upload the code. Only a
handful people asked for it. And of course I would send it to anybody who
had asked for it (as the GPL requests it).

> BTW, can the new version handle GnuPG installs where no language files
> are installed? 0.7.2 choked sometimes on that.

Sure. You mean no .mo file for WinPT or GPG? This is no problem.
I use this configuration on two machines without any problems.


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