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Thu Dec 16 16:57:04 CET 2004

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Hi !

>> If I try to delete keys in the keymanager it crashes. (WinXP)
>> It failes to capture text from websites in firefox.
>> It does not allow to do symmetric decryption of the clipboard.
>Hmm, this seems to be related to the version you use.

Capturing text works in 0.9.14 Thanks !

>WinPT 0.9.14 allow to use sym. encryption/decryption of teh clipboard.

I found the problem, sorry for blaming you !
The encryption was done with IDEA, which is of course not supported in
I am just trying to figure out how to get IDEA loaded as module. Any hints

>And I use XP and I don't have the crashing problem with the Key Manager.

Bugger, this is really annoying.
Could it be because I imported all keys from PGP into my keyring ?
Should I maybe export and reimport them into a new keyring ?

As regarding your website:
This is really helpful, I maintain a website at,
would you object if I mirror or link to your site ?

And: There was discussion on the sourceforge WinPT homepage that the newest
GnuPG binary which is required for WinPT was not available for windows.
Could you please also provide a download for the latest GnuPG binary ?

I am also really confused about the various versions of WinPT and
WinPTTray, in conjunction with GnuPG versions and so on, which is mainly
caused by the outdated website at and the sourceforge site. 

Can we in any way help you with updating these ? If the graphical installer
is the way you want new users to install the whole package, what are your
thoughts on updating the various components ?

I run a public WiKi at, should we try to get some
WinPT info in there ?

Eager to help,

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