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Timo Schulz twoaday at
Thu Dec 16 17:48:34 CET 2004

On Thu Dec 16 2004; 15:57, panta-admin wrote:

> This is really helpful, I maintain a website at,
> would you object if I mirror or link to your site ?


> And: There was discussion on the sourceforge WinPT homepage that the newest
> GnuPG binary which is required for WinPT was not available for windows.
> Could you please also provide a download for the latest GnuPG binary ?

You can find it on Any _official_ version should work. 
The minimum required version is GPG 1.2.6 (but you can also use 1.3.x!).

> I am also really confused about the various versions of WinPT and
> WinPTTray, in conjunction with GnuPG versions and so on, which is mainly

On WinPT means "Windows Privacy Tools". And WinPT Tray is part of
the project and _my_ application so it is called "Tray".

> Can we in any way help you with updating these ? If the graphical installer
> is the way you want new users to install the whole package, what are your
> thoughts on updating the various components ?

Ralf Kreutzmann maintains an installer for WinPT and other GPG tools. But
it would be useful to have some folks to maintain the files and the
homepage there.

> I run a public WiKi at, should we try to get some
> WinPT info in there ?

This would be very kind.

Because the thread is very WinPT specific, I suggest to continue you it
either PM or on the winpt-users( list.



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