Use of PGP to sign distributed files

Daniel Briley daniel.briley at
Sat Dec 18 13:14:24 CET 2004


I'm looking to distribute some text files on a peer to peer network
containing some information. The problem I have is that with p2p being a
public system, people can easily create and share bogus versions of your
file. I've been looking into a way to digitally sign my files to ensure
their authenticity once downloaded by a user.

Would you, in your opinion, consider GnuPG to be suitable for this task?
I've been looking into GnuPG because it's free of some of the licensing
constraints of other versions.

Also, in the future I've thought about possibly creating an app to run these
checks automatically. Would you recommend using portions of the GnuPG code
in my app for this?

Many thanks,


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