WinPT key POSTing problem

Timo Schulz twoaday at
Mon Dec 20 11:40:50 CET 2004

On Sun Dec 19 2004; 16:09, Jason Harris wrote:

> It is an error to have http+hostname+port in the POST path, only the
> local path, /pks/add, is correct.  These were given an HTTP 404 response.

Thanks for the report. I will change this ASAP. But did it work in the
past? Or is it more likely that it does not work but nobody told me this?

> but was at least able to post their key.  (There are no checks on the
> value/validity of the Host: header at this time.)  However, the "http://"
> is incorrect and needs to be dropped from Host:.

OK. It's on my TODO list for some time to revamp the keyserver code
because it also does not work for searching keys with a recent keyserver.

> I also notice these requests were identified as HTTP/1.0.  Other than
> understanding and sending "Connection: close" headers, is there a reason
> to not identify them as HTTP/1.1 requests?

I will also fix this problem. Thanks.


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