WinPT key POSTing problem

Jason Harris jharris at
Mon Dec 20 20:34:20 CET 2004

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 11:40:50AM +0100, Timo Schulz wrote:
> On Sun Dec 19 2004; 16:09, Jason Harris wrote:
> > It is an error to have http+hostname+port in the POST path, only the
> > local path, /pks/add, is correct.  These were given an HTTP 404 response.
> Thanks for the report. I will change this ASAP. But did it work in the
> past? Or is it more likely that it does not work but nobody told me this?

I think you made the change to the path (which resulted in 404 respones)
only recently.  The few other POSTs I see on the 16th and 17th of this
month only have "Host:" set incorrectly.

Putting the version of WinPT in the User-Agent will help diagnose this
problem, at least when using keyserver (and/or webserver) logs.

Going back to the 14th, this request was correct:

  POST /pks/add "WinPT/W32" ""

in its path and Host:.

> OK. It's on my TODO list for some time to revamp the keyserver code
> because it also does not work for searching keys with a recent keyserver.

(Visit if you have
any keyserver questions.)

> > I also notice these requests were identified as HTTP/1.0.  Other than
> > understanding and sending "Connection: close" headers, is there a reason
> > to not identify them as HTTP/1.1 requests?
> I will also fix this problem. Thanks.

In that case, be sure you send "Connection; close\r\n" when you want to
(more quickly) close your connection to, which
now identifies itself as HTTP/1.1, and shutdown/close your socket when
you receive that header.  If you don't send or see that header, you can
keep that socket open and send further requests on it, taking advantage
of (my still experimental) connection reuse and HTTP/1.1 pipelining.
This really speeds up multiple requests, so I hope your/our users will
enjoy it.

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