WinPT key POSTing problem

Timo Schulz twoaday at
Tue Dec 21 08:54:08 CET 2004

On Mon Dec 20 2004; 14:34, Jason Harris wrote:

> I think you made the change to the path (which resulted in 404 respones)
> only recently.  The few other POSTs I see on the 16th and 17th of this
> month only have "Host:" set incorrectly.

Hmm, maybe somebody compiled its own version because I did not touch the
keyserver code in the last weeks.

> Going back to the 14th, this request was correct:
>   POST /pks/add "WinPT/W32" ""

Weird. I need to modify the header so I know if it is an official
release or a self-compiled version.

> > OK. It's on my TODO list for some time to revamp the keyserver code
> > because it also does not work for searching keys with a recent keyserver.
> (Visit if you have
> any keyserver questions.)


> In that case, be sure you send "Connection; close\r\n" when you want to
> (more quickly) close your connection to, which
> now identifies itself as HTTP/1.1, and shutdown/close your socket when

Yes, I'm familiar with the basics of the HTTP protocol. I need to test
the entire code and I will try to implement bug fixes for the described
problems. As long is it won't break compatibility with other keyservers so
the code cannot be used in general.

> keep that socket open and send further requests on it, taking advantage
> of (my still experimental) connection reuse and HTTP/1.1 pipelining.
> This really speeds up multiple requests, so I hope your/our users will

This is really a nice idea but I don't think that keys are requested too
often. But for the 'refresh all keys' it could be very useful because
of its speed.


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