Compile GnuPG 1.4 under cygwin?

Eugene Kotlyarov ekot at
Tue Dec 28 22:51:52 CET 2004

David Shaw wrote:

>>>troubles me a little.  Can you check if there is a resolv.h in your
>>>cygwin install?  I was under the impression (possibly incorrect) that
>>>resolv.h existed.
>>Both resolv.h and arpa/nameser.h exist in my Cygwin install.
> Hmm.  Are you able to build 1.4.0 with it?  How new is your Cygwin
> installation?
These files just are not in base cygwin package where most of the include 
files are. With them and with the patch to passphrase.c it builds fine.

PS. for those who are interested they are in minires-devel package

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