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Wed Feb 4 18:36:32 CET 2004

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Todd wrote:

| Chris Fox wrote:
|>>Todd wrote:
|>>| That depends on who your recipient(s) is/are.  Sending inline sigs
|>>| to a friend who uses Ximian Evolution would be bad, since Evo
|>>| doesn't do inline PGP at all anymore (older versions tried but
|>>| IIRC, it didn't work very reliably).  Conversely, sending PGP/MIME
|>>| to Outhouse Express users won't get you very far either.
|>>The product in question is called "Outlook Express."  Can we keep
|>>these sophorisms off the list, please?
| Uh, no.  If you wish that the list contain no humor which you do not
| enjoy, I can't help you.  Sorry.  Feel free to /dev/null all posts
| from me if you find my posts offensive.  I promise I won't mind at
| all.

I prefer my humor a little more sophisticated and a lot less
repetitious, please.  Given the tone of your response I'll probably take
you up on the suggestion.  Pity, though.
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