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David Ellement ellement at
Wed Feb 4 18:43:59 CET 2004

On 2004-02-04, Todd <Freedom_Lover at> wrote
> Atom 'Smasher' <atom-gpg at> wrote:
> > is it generally considered better etiquette to use an inline or
> > attached signature?
> That depends on who your recipient(s) is/are. ...
> > which one is considered to be supported most widely [in mail
> > clients]?
> ... PGP/MIME has the advantage of being [able to] properly deal with
> all types of mail messages and formats, whereas inline breaks pretty
> quickly when you feed it much more than plain old ASCII.  ...

Here 'breaks' means the recipient won't be able to verify the signature,
and whether or not it breaks on the MTAs between you and the recipient.

So, if it is really important that your recipient be able to able to
verify your signature (probably not so for a mail list), you'll want to
use PGP/MIME for the signature, unless your recipient doesn't have a
mail client that supports PGP/MIME.  In that case you'll need to "bury"
the signed text by sending it uuencoded or as zip'd attachment.

David Ellement

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