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darren chamberlain dlc at
Thu Feb 5 09:01:17 CET 2004

* Atom 'Smasher' <atom-gpg at> [2004/02/04 22:45]:
> i'm also curious which clients make it easy/hard to decrypt/verify a
> message sent in a particular way, not just whether or not they crash.

Just to chime in here again, for mutt -- verification, signing,
encryption, and decryption can be made about 99% transparent, once
configurated.  The only non-transparent parts are selecting the
recipient's key (sometimes) and entering your passphrase.  mutt also
supports S/MIME almost as cleanly, from what I can see (S/MIME is a bit
of a mystery to me, but I thought I'd mention it for the sake of


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