Are .ems attachments necessary?

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Thu Feb 5 16:27:23 CET 2004

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Ingo Klöcker wrote:

| On Friday 06 February 2004 00:14, W. D. wrote:
|>Hi people,
|>I just joined this group a few days ago, and am finding
|>that some of the email messages are contained in .ems
| .ems attachments? Those are probably messages with detached signatures
| (aka PGP/MIME). Unless you tell us message from which senders contain
| ".ems attachments" we can't answer this question for sure. Does my
| message which is PGP/MIME signed have a ".ems attachment"?
| If Eudora really can't handle PGP/MIME messages then I suggest to use
| another mail client. The other Windows users on this list will surely
| be able to suggest a better mail client.

Long time Eudora user here, bought and registered version 3.0.

About ready to move everything to Mozilla Mail which, when coupled with
enigmail, handles signatures just beautifully.

Can't sing the praises of enigmail at a loud enough volume.  Truly
excellent, and identical on Linux and Windows.

But there's nothing wrong with Eudora's handling of the signature files;
they show as attachments in every mailer I know of.

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