restoring ~/.gnupg folder

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Fri Feb 6 10:50:25 CET 2004

On 8644 day of my life Charles Howse wrote:
> Apparently, that was a bad decision.  Now, when I try to import another key, 
> say the Microsoft pgp key, it won't work because it can't find a writable 
> keyring.

As you copied ~/.gnupg from CD, which is read-only, your file are
read-only too.  Just change permissions.

> [root at moe root]# ll /home/charles/.gnupg
> total 32
> -r--r--r--    1 charles  charles      8075 Jan 30 20:52 gpg.conf

> Now to my questions:
> What is the proper way to save my secret key to a floppy?

I'd saved archived ~/.gnupg.  For example, tar restores permissions
when data is unpacked.

> Can I recover from the present situation, and if so, how?

chmod 700 ~/.gnupg
chmod 600 ~/.gnupg/*

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