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Jonathan Goulding wrote:

| Hi,
| I would like to avoid the 2 following:
| 1. writing data to/from files;
| 2. using named pipes to have a program interact with gpg
| So is it possible to call a batch file passing it both the data to be
| encrypted/decrypted and the passphrase, so I don't first have to write
| the data to a file and then call the batch?
| -Jonathan Goulding
| P.S. The reason #2 is not satisfactory is that I am using VB and I
| understand that task is quite difficult/impossible to do in VB.  Also, I
| am a law student, not a programmer; so, while I enjoy teaching myself
| how to program, I would hardly describe myself as a prodigy.

If you always encrypt to the same recipient you can add a
default-recipient line in your gnupg.conf file and your batch file
reduces to:

@echo off
if "%1" == "" goto syntax
type %1 | gpg -ea > %1.gpg
goto done
echo syntax: enc filename
echo writes filename.gpg

If you don't have a default recipient it will prompt you on stderr and
the batch file still works.
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