automation on UNIX and Windows platforms

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Mon Feb 9 11:48:52 CET 2004

	I read the section in the gnupg FAQ about setting up automation
and it didn't seem to make sense - you still have to provide a
password.  Perhaps I am missing something here.  Anyways, my situation is
that I want to setup a way to simply encrypt and decrypt from the
commandline in both UNIX and DOS with simple scripting(i.e. don't have to
use expect or anything else of that matter - can, just being lazy) where
it doesn't prompt me for a password, yet I can still pass the password to
the program via either piping, feeding through a file, or an environment
variable.  We use an older version of PGP on our server right now(2.62),
and it supports passing of the password through the environment variable
PGPPASS.  I don't see why GNUPG would not support something like this -
I'm hoping it does, but can not find any document reference to it.  As a
result, the requirement to enter in the password by hand makes automation
extremely difficult.  Anyways, I'm hoping someone here knows of such a way
I mentioned above, or another equally simple way to achieve this.  If not,
what's the low down and dirty dirt on how to get this sucker to work in an
automated fashion?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

						- Thanks,

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