problems with TheBat inline pgp messages

Todd Freedom_Lover at
Wed Feb 11 13:11:24 CET 2004

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Thomas Spuhler wrote:
> PGP/Mime would make it possible for Evolution users to read the
> signatures. Ximian just tells that inline signatures are not RFC
> compliant and will not change their program. Around 50% on this list
> use inline signatures

Evolution is seriously lacking in this regard.   The developers punted
and just gave up on reading any inline pgp sigs, despite the fact that
many many MUA's create and verify them quite well.  If you want to do
a lot of work with signed email, this limitation of Evo makes it
unsuitable for the task, IMHO.

If you want a nice GUI MUA on linux that can do both inline and
PGP/MIME, definitely give KMail a look.  AFAIK, you still have to go
to a little trouble to install the software needed to support
PGP/MIME, but they have a HOWTO on their home page.  Once you get that
done, KMail is pretty sweet.

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