problems with TheBat inline pgp messages

Neil Williams linux at
Wed Feb 11 19:57:24 CET 2004

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 01:11:24PM -0500, Todd wrote:
> If you want a nice GUI MUA on linux that can do both inline and
> PGP/MIME, definitely give KMail a look.  AFAIK, you still have to go
> to a little trouble to install the software needed to support
> PGP/MIME, but they have a HOWTO on their home page.  Once you get that
> done, KMail is pretty sweet.

I used to feel the same, but KMail/Aegypten/KDE3.1 have defeated me on
Debian testing so far - hence I'm using a combination of inline sigs via
KMail or PGP/MIME in Mutt. KMail was just waiting too long for pipes and
filters so I moved the task to a separate mail server. Now it's just as
quick to use either KMail or Mutt.

One thing I like about Mutt is that it uses Vi as the composer (you can
select others), which gives me a full screen composing window without
the extraneous GUI stuff.

Whilst KMail remains broken, I need the plugin to validate PGP/MIME but
need to switch to inline for each email to send because gpg-agent won't

Ho hum, KDE3.2 will be on Debian soon.

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