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Fri Feb 13 05:23:44 CET 2004

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Jeroen Budts wrote:

> John Clizbe wrote:
> | You are probably using roaming profiles on Win2000 so that every
> | time you login, all your files and settings follow you.
> Well... not really (should have told it). We have a H:-drive which is
> mounted when we log-on, but it does not contain our setting :-(. Every
> time when a student logs on to a computer, where he hasn't logged on
> before, a directory is created under c:\documents and settings for
> that student (named with our logincode). (this is also very
> frustrating when you by example install mozilla firefox on your
> h:-drive because you always lose your setting :s )

GRRRRR. Morons. I can see why you say they couldn't handle a PCMCIA
wireless card install. They made their user comunity and file servers fit
Windows default behavior, instead of modifying windows' to serve the
users. So much for planning.

I wonder where they get the copy of ntuser.dat (HKCU) to copy into
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\? hmmmm

> | I'd prefer Nullify in this case since the installer handles almost
> | correctly setting the PATH and registry entries which are a common
> | vexation to new windows installations.
> This is indeed a very nice installer. When I started using GnuPG I
> also had problems installing it, but I did it using WinPT tools, which
> also works well. Thought for an installation at school the nullify
> installer would be better indeed.

hehe, I'm old on PCs (Altair 8080 and DEC LSI-11 anyone?) but WinPT's
self-install of GnuPG caused me some minor grief -- version didn't match
what I had just built and installed, but otherwise worked). The worse one
was Cygwin, in that case the version was wrong AND it couldn't find my
keys. Fixed by moving C:\Progra~1\GnuPG closer to front of PATH
> | The installer will have set the PATH in the system environment
> | table. Which works is you're always using the same machine, but not
> | if you move around. Access the environment variables from Control
> | Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables.
> Is it possible to add this value to PATH using a commandline and only
> for the current session? Doing it this way i would be able to write a
> batch file which i could start before i use GnuPG. Or am I wrong?

You could add a line to Autoexec.NT like

set PATH=%PATH%;H:\blah\GnuPG

  a) it has to be done on every machine
  b) it only works for a cmd.exe shell (aka MS-DOS-box)
  c) the file lives in C:\WinNT\system32 -- good luck with the permissions
     to modify it
  d) The needed registry key HKCU\Software\GNU\GNUPG\HomeDir can't be
     handled this way

It would probably be easier to write a short C program to check and modify
the registry if need be. See .../util/w32reg.c in the gnupg sources
The keys in question are both in HKCU: Environment\path and

> | Enjoy. Write back if you have any other questions
> Thank you for your very helpful answer :-)
> Kind regards,
> Jeroen

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