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if anyone out there wants to test-drive a pre-release version.... i have
some scripts for doing gpg in pine. this version is being considered for
release (under GPL).

(IMHO) i think they kick ass.

it's done in bourne shell. for speed and security it does not use temp
files. it aims to be fast, secure, and goof-proof (or at least highly goof
resistant). i really think [after it's configured] it's easy enough for
people who are new to gpg but not dumbed down, so even power users should
enjoy it.

when it's released it'll include an install script that gives the option
of auto-magically setting up the pine config file.

it also handles roles (signing) and dash-addresses (signing and

there is no install script yet, and very little documentation. i've had
very little feedback so far, but it's all been good.

if anyone's feeling adventurous and wants to take it for a test drive, let
me know.


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