Mutt/GnuPG-Outlook-plugin diffs / Support for Microsoft's .epf, .pf ?

Anonymous Sender anonymous at
Fri Feb 13 11:45:23 CET 2004

Luis R. Rodriguez:
> OK that's it. Replacement lookup time. 8) This is a good enough
> "official" reason for me. Anyone know good Outlook replacement for
> windows *with PGP/MIME support? Some initial google'ing shows Enigmail 
> but they're currently working on that site...

Get and install WinPT (which will also install GnuPG for you) and
Becky!2 along with its GnuPG plugin.

Becky is a great MUA and its GnuPG-based PGP/MIME encryption/signing
support is pretty good.

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