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> Rename it YAPPP: Yet Another Pine-PGP Pipe.
> Things like this already exist (for example, I use pgp4pine, and there are
> even two with that name).  The big question is: can this version handle
> pgp/mime, or does it do pgp/inline ?  A version that handles pgp/mime
> would be a huge improvement, though it may require some flexibility on the
> pine side.

there are a bunch of things that do gpg in pine, but not like this ;)

they all fell short of the flexibility that i needed and the simplicity
that my wife needs. this doesn't just re-invent the same old-old wheel...
it does it better (IMHO).

pgp/mime... that would take some hacking at the pine source. this does
inline-only, but that's currently a limitation of pine. maybe someone will
come out with a patch for that...


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