Mutt/GnuPG-Outlook-plugin diffs / Support for Microsoft's .epf, .pfx, .p12 ?

Doug Barton DougB at
Fri Feb 13 18:02:19 CET 2004

gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> [Please don't Cc on responses to posts to mailing lists.

This is very much a matter of preference, and I've heard good arguments
on both sides of the issue.

The good news for you is that the mailman software that this list runs
on supports the feature you want (namely one and only one copy of the
post). Just go to
and you can sort it out for yourself. :)

The rest of your post was very interesting, and illuminated the issue
for me quite clearly, thanks. I agree that your use of the word
"deprecated" in this context is perhaps not accurate.

As for switching to mutt, its IMAP support is not yet at a level that
suits my needs, so that's not a possibility at this time. It is a topic
that I reexamine from time to time however, so  I'll give it another
pass at some point in the future.

Thanks again,


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