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Fri Feb 13 22:41:33 CET 2004

Aha, my apoligies to Doug.

He's right, I'm wrong.

The version of Mailman in use on (2.1.2) is
significantly newer than that to which I'm used, and it does have
precisely the option that he describes:

  Avoid duplicate copies of messages?
  When you are listed explicitly in the To: or Cc: headers of a list
  message, you can opt to not receive another copy from the mailing
  list. Select Yes to avoid receiving copies from the mailing list;
  select No to receive copies.
  If the list has member personalized messages enabled, and you elect
  to receive copies, every copy will have a X-Mailman-Copy: yes header
  added to it. 

Doug, it's a nice thought, but it's not what I want. I want only to
receive the copy WITH the list headers, so that the mail is properly
sortable. I don't want to receive the private copy without that,
since that ends up in my inbox, where it distracts from the (more
relevant to my life) messages that belong there.

It's seldom that people reply-to-all when replying to messages I
post to mailing lists (that is, existing etiquette *is* to reply to
the mailing list only, especially in the presence of a
Mail-Followup-To header explicitly asking you to do that), which is
why I merely (and politely, I think) request that you not Cc me

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