To my repeat anonymous responder.

Thomas Spuhler ThomasSpuhler at
Tue Feb 17 15:00:30 CET 2004

What is the proper way to respond without always going  trough the
trouble to cut and past addresses.

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 13:26, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> If you'd like to email me privately to have a conversation off the
> list, please try NOT doing so from an email address to which I can't
> respond. It's rather infuriating.
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 08:20:23PM +0000, Anonymous Sender wrote:
> > This is usually not a problem. The first message is delivered upon
> > arrival (ie. _not_ kept in the incoming queue) and its Message-ID is
> > stored in recently-arrived messages database. The next one(s) to come
> > will be discarded by the recipe since its (their) Message-ID is already
> > in the db.
> That has the same problem as disabling delivery in Mailman: the
> message delivered directly to my SMTP server is guaranteed to arrive
> before the message delivered to the mailing list and, since the
> sane way to sort mailing lists is on their headers (think Bcc for
> why sorting on mailing list address is unacceptable), it will not
> get sorted into the mailing list's mbox properly, which means it
> ends up in my inbox and NOT in the mailing lists mbox which is
> exactly NOT what I want.
> > Read the `procmailex' man page and search for `msgid.cache'.
> I'm quite familiar with that, thank you. It doesn't do any good in
> this context.
> One more time, same as before: if this were really a problem, I'd
> have fixed it locally. It's not a problem frequently enough that a
> polite request every once in a while is that big a deal. Please,
> either drop it, or give me a way to respond to you privately.
> Any further private, anymous emails will be discared.
Best Regards
Thomas J Spuhler

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