GPG and reputation

David Picon Alvarez eleuteri at
Thu Feb 19 02:44:08 CET 2004


I've been thinking of developing a reputation and trust framework, and the
obvious primitives for the PKI part would be GnuPG keys. I have to access
the functionality of gpg though (otherwise I can as well code my own
implementation) and I'm not sure I wish to do this directly through invoking
gpg from the shell. So, are there any wrappers for gpg for higher-level
language than C?
I haven't yet made my mind on what language to write this, but it's probably
not speed critical, except for some code to deal with the crypto, some code
to deal with the challenge responses, and some code to do analysis of trust
networks, so I'm wondering if you could recommend a language for the
front-end to this. Sorry if a bit off-topic.


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