Question about fingerprints and keys uploaded to keyservers

Newton Hammet newton at
Sat Feb 21 13:15:32 CET 2004

Hello Everyone,

I have just uploaded a public key to the keyservers listed below in
my signature, and the finger print in the signature is what is reported
from gnupg_1.2.4 installed on my linux machine at home:

785F DFF3 7029 3FBD 45CE  747C 93CA E808 136F C036

But reports the following finger print:

BAC5 85A2 3322 71A9 E817 D2B4 CF2E B411 7E07

My key consists of : a 4096-bit master RSA signing key, and a 
4096-bit RSA encryption key.

My guess is that the fingerprint constructed by the keyserver uses
a different algorithm than the one used by gnupg-1.2.4, or it
takes its fingerprint from something different than does gnupg-1.2.4

Can anybody shed some light on this for me?


Public Key: 4096R/136FC036 2004-02-09 Newton Hammet <newton at>
Key fingerprint = 785F DFF3 7029 3FBD 45CE  747C 93CA E808 136F C036
Key servers:,, et al

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