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Wed Feb 25 05:07:54 CET 2004

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It my attempts to GPG-ify my campus, I am writing an article about GPG and 
internet security for my college leftist magazine.  I would like feedback 
from whomever is willing.

My article is at:

If you would like to help me out by doing a read through, please reply to
me (nickjohnson at virginia dot edu) and not to the gnupg-users list (not
everyone should have to hear about it).  

If you make changes, I'd prefer a diff of the latex source;  otherwise
comments are just as good.

Don't worry about spelling and grammar, as this will go through at least 
one cycle of copy editing before publication.  I would like feedback 
mostly about:

 * Is there anything I should include that I haven't?
 * Is this article accessible to the non-technical reader?
 * Is anything just plain wrong?
 * As it will be published in a leftist magazine, to what degree would it 
convince a leftist reader?
 * Though it will be published in a leftist magazine, to what degree would 
this convince a non-leftist reader? 

Once I've made my final revision, this article can be freely distributed 
to the extend that it's legal :) 

Thanks everyone,
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