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Henk de Bruijn henkdebruijn at
Sat Feb 28 03:28:43 CET 2004

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John Clizbe wrote:

JC> Henk de Bruijn wrote:

>> How can I make it work under Windows as well?

JC> It's development software. Not necessarily "fit-for-consumption".
JC> You need to build your own copy. Or maybe get a copy from someone you
JC> trust.  This was signed by GnuPG 1.3.5 on Windows 2000 (Built last night)

JC> The most common route for this is to get MinGW and MSYS then do a
JC> ./configure && make which compiles GnuPG with the Gnu C Compiler (gcc).

JC> Patches were posted earlier this month for building GnuPG 1.2.4 with MS
JC> Visual C 6.0 or later (Visual Studio 2002 or .Net) on the Gnupg-Devel list
JC> The posts mention the VC project files which I can forward if you wish to
JC> pursue this route. Note: You would have to make all the changes to bring
JC> the project files in line with the 1.3.5 code base.

Thanks John, I think I just have to wait.

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