Encrypting messages truncates trailing whitespace

darren chamberlain dlc at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jan 21 15:03:46 CET 2004

* debianuser <debianuser at brown.edu> [2004/01/21 13:32]:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 01:05:43PM -0500, darren chamberlain wrote:
> > You configure mutt with the path to the commands to use to encrypt,
> > decrypt, and verify.  This path can point to PGP, GPG, or anything
> > else actually (such as a separate script that handles all the
> > options for you).  The results of that process are what mutt
> > displays.
> Thanks for clarifying that!  Do you have any suggestions as to what I
> can do to stop the truncation from occuring?

The sample PGP configuration that comes with mutt has the verify command
including --textmode, so, using Atom's idea:

  echo 'test    ' | gpg -ear B56165AA | gpg | tr ' ' 'x'

I get:


If I add --textmode:

  echo 'test    ' | gpg --textmode -ear B56165AA | gpg | tr ' ' 'x'

I get:


Does this help?


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