Martin Blais blais at furius.ca
Wed Jan 21 18:27:17 CET 2004

hi guys

i never posted to this list but i figured an utility i made and just released 
might be of interest to you. 

i wrote a wrapper script to xxdiff, a graphical file comparison tool that i 
wrote, that can take two encrypted files as input, decrypts them to temporary 
files (for a short time), and launches xxdiff on them to compare their 
plaintext contents.  all temporary files are deleted.

additionally, it can also separate a CVS conflict in an armored encrypted file 
and launch xxdiff on the two parts, and then you can save the selections 
(xxdiff allows you to produce a merged file) and it will encrypt the result 
automatically back to the conflictual file.    i have been using this for 
quite a while now because i maintain a set of small encrypted files with CVS, 
because i edit them at various sites.  sometimes i forget to either commit or 
update between the sites (e.g. work and home) and i end up with a CVS merge 
conflict (naturally, all the armored encrypted text chunk differs).  i needed 
a script to be able to resolve the conflicts without having to do all the 
work by hand.  this does it. 

i just cleaned up the script, extended it a bit and released it as part of 
xxdiff-3.0.   you can find the doc for the script here:


and the script itself:


for more info about xxdiff and other similar wrappers, check out the main 


any comments or suggestions welcome.
(feel free to forward this email to any other group that might be interested)

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