gpg --gen-key using /dev/urandom is possible?

paolo paolomail at
Thu Jul 1 01:48:37 CEST 2004

Thanks for all replies,
my system is standard linux distribution(gentoo).

There's not a rndcontrol command on my linux box but the directory
random, on /proc/sys/kernel, contains various parameters controlling
the operation of the file /dev/random,
i'll try to work with this to increase /dev/random.

Modify the code is not a solution for me, the key generation
script have to run on any linux box without patch.

thanks, Paolo.

Il lun, 2004-06-28 alle 18:11, Atom 'Smasher' ha scritto:
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> depending on your OS, there should be a way to "hot-rod" your /dev/random.
> doug barton has a great how-to for doing this in freeBSD:
> the output from my /dev/random increased tremendously after following that 
> how-to... no more waiting for entropy... i had a script generate a 
> thousand keys (4096!), and not a single one had to wait for system 
> entropy.
> before doing that, even generating a single key on my desktop often 
> required waiting for entropy.
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